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Boyesen, Gerda and Bergholz, Peter: Your belly is smarter than you (no English translation)

Book with lots of exercises and DVD.

Rosenberg, Jack Lee: Body, Self and Soul. Sustaining Integration

A good insight into how body psychotherapy works. 

Damasio, Antonio: Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain

The decoding of consciousness: The neurologist describes in an understandable language what role emotions play in our consciousness.

Weiss, Halko; Harrer, Michael,...: The mindfulness book (no English translation)

Very good and important introduction to the concept of mindfulness, with exercises and applications.

Geuter, Ulfried: Body Psychotherapy (no English translation)

A comprehensible and up-to-date introduction to body psychotherapy as an experience-centered psychotherapy method.

Valuable links:

Ohana Yoga Studio

Very nice online yoga studio, with great yoga courses and retreats in Bali, India, Peru... - Elisabeth can do much more than just yoga, e.g. building websites :-) 

German Society for Body Psychotherapy eV (DGK)

The umbrella organization for all kinds of body psychotherapists. Lots of useful information about conferences and seminars: 

Society for Biodynamic Psychology/ Body Psychotherapy eV (GBP)

German professional association of biodynamic therapists. Information on conferences and seminars:

The Appoggio Method

Singing, body and soul come together in harmony.

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